speech therapy

Speech-language pathology is a health care profession that assesses and treats language and communication disorders. The speech-language pathologist is a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of: - Oral language difficulties, to speak or to understand: articulation disorders, speech delay, language delay, dysphasia, fluency problems - Written language disorders: dyslexia, dysorthography, dysgraphia - Mathematical cognition disorders: dyscalculia, logical reasoning and calculations - Oro-my-facial functions: swallowing, mastication, oral feeding, palatal divisions - Congenital disorders: down syndrome, cerebral palsy, genetic syndrome - Neurological disorders acquired in the context of head trauma, stroke and neurodegenerative diseases


The physical manifestations of an individual and his psychic life (affective and intellectual) influence each other. This is why psychomotricity intervenes on disturbed motor, mental and/or emotional functions by working on the body. The psychomotrician takes care of: - Developmental delays - Difficulties of coordination, gestural control - Disorganization in time and space - Learning disorders - Graphomotor difficulties - Laterality problems - Attentional and concentration difficulties - Sensory problems - Loss of self-confidence, difficulties in the emotional/relational sphere - Neurological or genetic disorders