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In the heart of Maadi , Cairo ,Egypt offering personalized professional assistance to children and teenagers with educational difficulties ,  delays or disorders of interpretation, bodily, motor and / or psych affective development. This support is provided by a French team of qualified health professionals who welcome children and their families at the request of parents or following the recommendations of a doctor or school advice. A warm, friendly and motivating environment, where pleasure and trust are an integral part of our mission

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The physical manifestations of an individual and his/her psychic life (affective and intellectual) influence each other. This is why psychomotricity intervenes on the disturbed motor, mental and/or affective functions, from a work on the body.

speech therapy

Speech-language pathology is a health profession that evaluates and treats language and communication disorders. It focuses on oro-my-facial functions and other cognitive activities including those related to phonation, speech, oral and written language, and mathematical cognition.

We Can Help You With :

Specific learning disorders: dyslexia, dysorthography, dysgrapia, dyspraxia, dysphasia, dyscalculia

Characterized by restlessness, impulsivity and inattentiveness that affects the child's adaptation and learning

Refers to the development of verbal and non-verbal skills that enable children to communicate.

Refers to the maturation and evolution of a child's motor, cognitive and social skills.


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